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The County Handbook by Steve Campbell THE COUNTY HANDBOOK
by Steve Campbell

A wicked and witty primer to life in Prince Edward County, enjoyed equally by County newcomers and oldtimers. The author keeps his promise to “offend just about everybody at least once a chapter,” but more importantly he makes readers laugh out loud about the quirky things that make ‘The County’ special. Price includes taxes & shipping.

by Douglas A. Crawford

Discover why this island community was once known as The Garden County of Canada. An illustrated history of the canning industry in Prince Edward County, it explores the rise and fall of the industry, and how County families and farms, factories and fortunes played their part. Price includes taxes & shipping

Camp Picton

by Ian S. Robertson

From Wartime to Peacetime is the definitive history of 'The Hill', from its early days as a Bombing and Gunnery School during the War, up to the most recent activities. Nationally-known author, historian and researcher Ian S. Robertson drew anecdotes, images and interviews from around the world for this detailed, well-illustrated book. Price includes taxes & shipping.

The Back Page Book

by Steve Campbell

Volume I of Campbell's famous back page stories, one of the most popular features of County Magazine for more than 30 years. Mostly County-related, it explores the absurdity of the World in general. Hilarious insights into Human Behaviour, by someone who considers himself an Outsider. Price includes taxes & shipping.

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Son of a Back Page Book

by Steve Campbell

By popular demand, Campbell published a second volume of his funny and beautifully observed tales of everyday life. From slapstick action to Campbell philosophy, these stories suggest it's not easy being Steve. A must-read for everyone who finds the world frustrating instead of entertaining. Price includes taxes & shipping.

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Prince Edward County, an Illustrated History

An Illustrated History

by Steve Campbell, Janet Davies and Ian Robertson

The newest, most comprehensive County history book is packed with great County stories from the Natives through the arrival of the United Empire Loyalists and right up to the present day. It's an entertaining overview of Prince Edward County's sometimes boisterous history and the forces and people that shaped, and are still shaping, one of Canada's oldest settled communities. Hundreds of vintage photographs bring County history to life, and the easy-to-read design keeps you turning its more than 200 pages. Price includes taxes & shipping.


Now in its Second Printing!

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The Birth, Decline and Rebirth of Picton's Regent Theatre
by Ian S. Robertson

It was a Cook family dream, an entertainment venue born in the days of Vaudeville and stage plays, which then embraced the newly-born film and movie industry. It was a dream that created one of Picton’s most iconic monuments – The Regent Theatre. Holding its rightful place in the centre of town, it has survived the ever-changing face of Main Street businesses. It's had its ups and downs, but it is still the Monarch of Main Street, and author Ian Robertson captures the history and romance of the grand old building.

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RUMRUNNERS of The County
by C.W. Hunt

True stories of the reckless and the brave who took great risks to earn big money during Prohibition when The County was notorious for rum running to the U.S. Read how County fishermen and farmers, scoundrels and heroes outwitted armed lawmen and Coast Guards.

$30 Price includes taxes & shipping.

Lighthouses of Prince Edward County NEW!
Lighthouses of Prince Edward County

Packed with vintage photos, some never seen before, plus maps and lightkeepers' personal stories.

$30 Price includes taxes & shipping.
Confessions Confessions of a County Boy
Tales from the Back Page Volume 3
By Steve Campbell

Here is the long-awaited new collection of favourite Back Page Stories from the fevered imagination and barely credible real life of Steve Campbell, author of the County Handbook.
Steve writes with zany humour, humility and insight as he shares his experiences of Accidental Break-Ins, unconventional tips for enjoying Paris and London on a Budget and a heart-wrenching tale about Being Short.
These stories are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and make a great gift for fans of Mr. Campbell's battered but optimistic take on life.

$30 Price includes taxes & shipping.
Ron Bailey's Wellington Ron Bailey's Wellington
One man's memories of his little home town - with apologies to his neighbours.
By Ron Bailey
Bailey was a unique individual, a historian and teacher who loved the village of his youth and all the colourful characters who lived there.
This book captures a very different time when everyone worth knowing had a nickname and pulling pranks was a major form of entertainment.
In sharing his lifetime of memories, anecdotes, mild scandals and old jokes, Ron brings the history of Wellington alive for a whole new generation.

$30 Price includes taxes and shipping

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